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Introducing BIOLOGIC SR2: A new environmentally sustainable approach to odour control using plant-based organic micronutrients.

September 21st, 2016
Does your plant have an odour problem despite your high operating costs?

BIOLOGIC SR2 is the right product for you if you want to:

  • Terminate Lagoon odour within hours
  • Eliminate odours at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities and biogas digesters
  • Realize immediate payback through reduced operating costs
  • Enhance system performance
  • Oxidize and neutralize airborne non-point source odourous compounds
  • Dramatically reduce odour in transfer stations, landfill sites, tipping floor, garbage rooms, biosolid processing facilities, and organic material processing facilities.

How is this possible?
Anaerobic sulphur-reducing bacteria have been identified as the main source of offensive odourous compounds in organic processes. These bacteria are active and thrive in the absence of oxygen. BIOLOGIC SR2 from Scicorp specifically stimulates aerobes and anaerobes and competitively inhibits sulphur-reducing and ammonia-forming bacteria and enzymes. The main active ingredients in micronutrient solutions include plant sourced amino acids, vitamins and other plant-based organic constituents, and trace minerals. The micronutrient solution itself is biodegradable, as it is consumed by the beneficial bacteria in organic waste streams. These micronutrients eliminate the formation of odours that occur during organic waste degradation.

But wait, there is more.

By controlling odours with micronutrients, you will also benefit from the following:

  • Elimination of need for significant infrastructure and space requirements to contain, control and treat odours
  • Elimination of 90% of capital investment associated with odour control using chemical and/or biofilter infrastructure
  • Elimination of 90% of the energy demand associated with conventional odour control strategies and technologies with a significant associated carbon footprint reduction.


Performance improvement at a Maple Lodge Farms Wastewater Treatment Plant:
Maple Lodge Farms poultry slaughtering plant in Ontario has experienced significant process improvement after introducing BIOLOGIC SR2.

24% increase in treatment plant capacity, without plant upset, while maintaining final effluent quality
22% reduction in aeration energy cost
25% reduction in polymer used for sludge dewatering
26% reduction in sludge generation

“The malodor is completely eliminated within 100 feet of the facility perimeter. If Ministry of Environment personnel could google-map the lagoons after the SR2 application and compare them to prior to the SR2 usage, they would see significant improvements in clarity and color change. The yellowish tainted color in the final affluent, which has always been there since I started to work 30 years ago, is totally gone.” Plant Manager, Maple Lodge Farms

Cost savings and performance improvement at the Wallaceburg municipal wastewater treatment plant:

The Wallaceburg, Ontario Water pollution control plant saved 26% on sludge handling and disposal costs after introducing BIOLOGIC SR2.

26% reduction in sludge produced without plant upset while improving final affluent quality
35% increase in F:M ratio
$3 saved in sludge transport and processing cost for every $1 spent on product addition
11% increase in dissolved oxygen levels in aeration tanks
72% decrease in Ammonia in effluent
44% reduction in BOD levels in effluent

“The product eliminated foaming throughout the plant. In addition, the product reduced our sludge handling and disposal costs when compared to 2014/2015 data.”

Plant Manager Wallaceburg Water Pollution Control Plant