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Corrosion Inhibitor


There are many types of corrosion inhibitors: in Lubricants and Greases and the other types which find application in Metal working fluids, varied PH and aqueous environments.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors in Lubricants and Greases.
    Lubricants and greases, during the course of their service life, are exposed to extremes of temperature and moisture resulting from condensation of water vapour. Water vapour when coupled with the combustion by products result in the formation of acids which eat away at liners and seals. The function of the corrosion inhibitors are to neutralize these acids so that they do not damage the components.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors in Metalworking fluids and Thermal Fluids.
    Metalworking fluids are usually a type of emulsion – this could be an oil in water or water in oil type of emulsions. Metalworking fluids are used in a variety of applications, primarily being during metal cutting, drilling, turning, shaping and drawing. Metalworking fluids are exposed to extremes of heat and temperatures and this results in the metal corroding. Metal working fluids must allow for efficient heat transfer so that the bits cool quickly and prevent the metal from corroding.

As one of the top chemical suppliers in Canada, CCC has an extensive technical expertise and a wide selection of corrosion inhibitors that can help you create unfailing formulations. We can assist you in determining the best product match for each unique application.

 Our range of Corrosion Inhibitors in the Lubricants and Grease business include:

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