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Sodium Silicates

There is a solution for all your Sodium Silicate needs!

© PQ sodium silicate is available in solid (lump glass, cullet), liquid, and powder (hydrous and anhydrous) forms. 

Sodium Silicate Liquids

PQ Corporation is the world’s leading producer of sodium silicate.  Sodium silicate, also known as waterglass, is a versatile inorganic chemical made by combining sand and soda ash (sodium carbonate) at high temperature.  Adjusting the ratio of sand to soda ash yields a variety of products with unique functionality used in many industrial and consumer product applications. 

Solid and Powder Sodium Silicates

PQ Corporation offers sodium silicate powders in various ratios, both anhydrous and hydrated forms.  The hydrous products are spray-dried for quicker dissolution and used in industries including refractory cements, construction, coatings, personal care, detergents, and cleaning compounds.  BRITESIL® spray-dried products provide unique benefits for the detergent and industrial cleaning industries.  These powders show controlled dissolution and provide the benefits of sodium silicate in a dry form.  The SS® line of amorphous silicate glass powders is widely used in refractory cements, ceramics, and construction industries.

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